Foreword: Designing the Future of AR

How technology is shaping the future of pop culture?
For many years, pop culture has been nourishing our expectations of the future. It excites us or it scares us, and always raises our aspirations.
Technology is filling to an ever increasing extent those aspirations. But we are quite not there yet.
We have seen what we could do with technology in movies, but we cannot comprehend how this applies to ourselves.
How can we lower this barrier? How can the interaction between a human and a computer be so seamless that it feels you are just one. It gives oneself superpower.
This is what AR is ultimately all about. Augmented Reality is much more than the next computing platform.
Through AR we will design what our interactions with our environments and peers will be like.

Many questions, very few answers, and a clear lack of clarity…

This is the beginning of a exciting project aiming at finding clues to design the future of Augmented Reality.

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