Gen Z, the dawn of Millennials?

Gen Z is the worst generation. Look at them! Seriously, all those selfies, duck faces, etc… they even people?! Worst, while Millennials were finally getting the well-deserved attention, and not only the Millennials are the worst look, Gen Z wants to catch all this great attention! Even worse, it’s actually legit. It’s fucking worth it to dedicate your entire attention to Gen Z. Sorry Millennials, but move over, I am all about Gen Z now. And you should too…

Gen-Zers really are the worst people though. It always has to be about them, this generation is ultra self-centric. If they are not the center of attention, they simply don’t care. And you don’t want that because if a Gen-Zer doesn’t care about you, you are dead to him, and if you are dead to him, you are likely dead to his friends, and the friends of their friends. Boom! You are dead, you don’t exist anymore, they simply even forget that you ever existed. Gen Z has the power to set trends, bring them to fame, and bury them, faster than you would realise they even existed. It’s not your fault, you just can’t keep up, it’s going too fast for you, you are kind of lame though. Bye.

This power lies in their cult of image. It’s all about how they look to their peers (yes, they don’t give a damn about you), and it’s all about what you look like to them and their pals if you even just considered have a chat with them. There is nothing fun about taking a selfie, it’s business.

It’s mandatory for them to always look good, at all cost. This is reshaping their behaviors and having great impacts on society as a whole. They would never do anything that make them look bad on a picture, or a snap. Bye bye binge drinking, pot, cocaine, and others once loved and praised by the youth. The new youth are becoming this archetype of the vegan hipster loving of a healthy lifestyle. Society has decided that they were the standard of good looking, even if it implies having to eat kale.

This cult of image didn’t just appeared like that, we created it. We are 100% responsible of the creations of these monsters roaming earth and decided what looks good or not. We have put technology in their hands since they were born. They don’t remember a day without the internet. For them, choice and immediacy are basics, it’s a must have if you want to be worthy of their time.

In its wake, technology brought us the social media jungle. If you want to get attention on social media, even the one of your friends, and Gen-Zers want all the attention in the world, you need to stand out, you need to set your footprint, you want to build an impact. You won’t be able to create a reputation for yourself if you don’t always look good to the world.

Therefore, it completely changes their focus. It’s not about what they have or what they do, it’s about what can make them look good! They don’t even care about owning something, they just want a picture of it. This has profound impact on their behavior, they are always looking for value when they spend money, and they are dedicating lots of work to spend it efficiently so that they can put themselves in more situations where they can look good, but also ones they can share with their world.

Experiences trump everything. In their quest of the freshest look ever they will take advantage of anything they can. When it comes to buying stuff, they could just shop online, but then they won’t have anything more to show than their lame older Millennial brothers. Instead, they prefer to go out more and experience more. It’s all about creating more occasions to build their social media influence empire.

The shift to value experience over consumption was already something Millennials were doing, but the reasons are not the same. Millennials are more interested in using than owning, but their primary motivation was cost saving. Gen-Zers on the other hand are primiarly looking for a fuller experience when using a product, which allows them to generate more content they can share.

Gen-Zers are constantly looking to be empowered and they are willing to work hard for it, either by empowering themselves or find someone who will. Every effort is worthwhile if it will help them look better in the eyes of their BFF.

Gen Z is clearly the worst, and it’s so complex. Understanding them is the most difficult thing and that’s why brands should focus 200% on Gen Z. If you get Gen Z right, you are set to please everyone.

The relationship these teens have with brands is completely new, you don’t set the standards anymore. They do it. The only question that should matter to you is what you can do to empower them? If you can help them achieve their objectives they will show instant gratitude, and as soon as you stop answering to their every needs, they will despise you and act as if your relationship never even existed.

Kids these days are brutal.

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