Just a thought on platforms…

Looking at what’s going in the tech world right now, it made me think about how things will happen in the future.
What we notice is ever bigger companies controlling entire business verticals. These platforms often serve both as an infrastructure and an interface for other businesses to be created.
These are the Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM, Snapchat, Microsoft, Airbnb, Uber… It’s almost impossible to think about an industry that isn’t run yet by platform.

Framework Platform Economy

1 – The engine

This is the core of the platform. Will mainly be run by Artificial Intelligence. It provides all kind of infrastructures like cloud and blockchain, so applications of all kind can run on them.
This progress with technology innovation.

2 – The interface

iOS and Android created interfaces that enabled the rise of mobile. With the ascension of Augmented Reality, new platforms are emerging to enable new kinds of human computer interactions. They provide a way for users to use any applications wherever and whenever they need it.
This progress with technology innovation.

3 – Applications

They apply the platforms’ technologies to particular users’ issues. Though these mainly rely on business model and/or UX innovation, enabling new approaches they foster new technological developments.
They form ecosystems around the platforms. The most notable ones are the applications run on iOS and Android.

4 – Data

Data is the essence of everything. Feeding and collecting data from every sources enable to improve existing technologies and services, while enabling he creation of new technologies.

5 – Data collection

To collect the data we need sensors. They are now pretty much everywhere. With the Internet of Things, ever smarter objects (our smartphones ahead) are able to collect more and more data about us, our behaviors, and actions.

Today’s largest companies are platforms. They seem to be all over and leaving close to no chance for new platforms to arise. They leave us with 2 options: creating new technologies that will come complete the stack of a platform, creating an application with a new business model to answer to a new need or solve an old one more efficiently.

Snapchat is a good recent exemple for the creation of a new platform.
It starts with a new (or dismissed) technology. They brought new innovative use cases for it.
When it got traction, they expended the technical capabilities to enable new usages.